Birchbark Earrings- Baby Blue 1" Round

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Handmade birchbark earrings- meticulously handpainted, edged with SS8 grade A rhinestone banding and size 11/0 Preciosa Czech glass seed beads. On hooks and backed with a glittery canvas-like fabric. The pair weighing LESS than one ounce, these earrings will not weigh down and cause stress to earlobes- while still making a VERY bold statement!  Sealed with a gloss transparent coat to resist paint chipping, as well as other wear and tear.

Like parfleche, birchbark is a natural product and is susceptible to curling in humid environments. While this bark is glued, tacked down with NYMO thread, and sealed with a protective top coat- it may slightly curl over time especially when worn outdoors. Please keep this in mind- this is the nature of the product, and is not a defect.

Artist message: I was taught to harvest birchbark by my father in 2018. I work with birchbark to reconnect with my creativity and overall passion for art, as well as to be more involved with my culture. Each piece made contributes to my journey in healing. Miigwech 

Each pair of earrings averages a minimum of 6-8 hours of labor.

After harvesting birchbark by hand on the Bad River Indian Reservation, the birchbark is laid flat to dry and pressed under weights to keep the flat shape. Additional heat treatment may be used to reduce curvature in the bark.

Before painting, the bark must be cut, filed, cleaned with a fast drying disinfecting solvent, and stenciled. The birchbark is meticulously hand painted with different acrylic paints and laid to dry. After adding any final touch ups and/or Swarovski embellishments, the bark is sealed- to prevent warping, chipping, dry rot, or any other potential damage to the product. A gloss acrylic sealant is used, at least 2 coats with drying time in between. The bark is then glued down with E6000 adhesive and left overnight to dry. These pieces are also tacked down with NYMO beading thread coated with beeswax.

Only once these steps are all complete can the earrings be beaded and assembled. This includes adding banding, findings (posts/hooks), backing the earrings, and edging with seed beads and/or fire polished glass beads. 

Care instructions: store items in a cool, dry area out of direct sunlight. Any blemishes/stains on the bark itself can be GENTLY removed with a slightly damp cloth. Do not pull edging beads, as this may result in breakage and/or fraying. To clean posts, use a damp cloth to remove any buildup. Use a clean, dry cloth to absorb any moisture. When cared for properly, birchbark jewelry can last for years!