About Rhinestone Banding

Rhinestone Banding, also known as rhinestone chain or trim, is an embellishment often used in Native American beadwork. It is primarily used as a border or accent on beadwork pieces, and is fastened with a simple whip stitch.


Common terms

AB: Aurora Borealis. This is a rainbow-like finish on the glass faceted stones which are set in the plastic cups in rhinestone banding.

SS6: a smaller size of rhinestone banding. This size is often used in smaller projects, like earrings. SS6 has a 2mm glass faceted stone set in a 2.5mm plastic cup.

SS8: the most commonly used size of rhinestone banding in Native American beadwork. This size is a bit more versatile than SS6. 2.4mm glass faceted stones are set in a 3mm plastic cup.